Now On Release!

Grab it now from our site:
Or from steam:
Or from GoG:

if you are in the beta and have version 1.06, that is currently the release version…

I may make a support thread if you don’t respond to this one, not sure if this is proper forum procedure.
When do we get the Steam keys? Should I have already gotten mine?

It’s in the mail where you can also download the game.

It’s not in my email… :c

Go to your e-mail, you should find the product registration key, copy that. Then go to steam, under the games menu on the top bar, click activate a product on steam, it will ask you for the product key, paste it in, steam will think for a little bit, then it’ll confirm it’s registered and ask whether you want to download it - do that. As far as I can see, steam didn’t re-download it, it just noticed I already had it installed and just confirmed the contents. It’s now registered on steam.

After just opening it, can also add, your achievements are automatically unlocked as well, so no need to try getting them again.

cool, that worked thanks!

i too have not received a Steam Key

read the post two above yours, it explains that you have already received it.

I haven’t got Democracy 3, Why? Well, 1. I’d like to see a link for a demonstration, that way I can judge for myself whether it is worth buying. 2. I’d like to see improvements for myself, (also refer back to 1) things that would get me exited are a) a proportional representation system,such as STV or AV type run-off elections b) coalition scenarios. images/icons/smile/mrgreen.gif