Null Fleet Causing Crash in Campaign

While playing Campaign in version 1.59 and prior, when I reduced enemy fighter numbers in a fighter-only fleet to the point where all of the squadrons would no longer exist but was not victorious (either because of retreat or defeat), the AI would select a fresh fleet for me to fight for the next turn. While occasionally infuriating, it was more often humorous and I didn’t mind.

After the 1.60 update, I’ve run into a problem where the enemy fleet’s fighter numbers have been reduced to the point where the fleet does not exist, but there’s no new enemy fleet selected for the next turn. When I attempt to attack, the deployment screen and fleet history screens are normal (except for the fact that there’s no enemy ships), but clicking to continue on the fleet history screen causes the game to crash. Consequently, the planet is unconquerable.

I’ve waited quite a few turns to offer the enemy fleet the opportunity to attack, but this has not yet happened. It’s like fighting with a three year old - no matter how I cajole, provoke or coerce, I can’t get it to do what I want.

Obviously, not a critical issue as I can just create a new campaign. If the debug file from the campaign would help, I’d be more than happy to post it up.