The main reason I bought Democracy 3 was my hunt for a decent political Simulator, After having a good play around with various scenarios and options I really come to enjoy the game dynamics. Finding myself caring about the the GDP with one eye on expenditure and curbing my more radical approach to certain policies. With this aspect of the game, I think its done an amazing job making me think in new ways that once used to be very uncompromising in my head towards certain goals. Along with the ease of use being a paramount factor in the successes of the game, after a few minutes I was getting the hang of how the game worked.

One part that I would love to see developed further is the political party & election side of things. That area of gameplay is what initially set me out to eventually find Democracy 3. Within the game I enjoyed watching the votes roll in, yet I hungered for greater control and depth, after scrolling through the threads on this forum it seems others are of the same mindset. Thinking on this from my frankly naive and uneducated standpoint with regard to game development, I assume that it would be a colossal task to create the much deeper parts of the political world in D3? Ideas such as parties gaining seats in there respective democratic institutions, party funding & expenditure, party campaigning etc. This could give rise to being able to go into opposition, watching everything you’ve built whilst in power being dismantled by your rivals. Eventually building up your party to take back power and try and remain there, which in turn creates a deeper engagement and investment into the game as the victory conditions are no longer as black and white, but a rich history of development is mapped out.

Having said that and having a think about it I have an idea or two that might be easier to work into the game for the short term (again please consider my lack of now-how)

Party ideology - Using the political spectrum, much like the sliders within the game you could set your party ideology at the beginning (along with your opponents) which would effect the cost of certain right or left wing policies and the make up of your cabinet. Furthermore, moving away from party ideology would invoke the wrath of your ministers, party members and supporters. It seemed odd to me that If a left wing party would come to power that the cabinet would contain capitalists or conservative leaning members, which I get are randomized but this could give a more realistic scenario. I would love to see If I could change a centrist party to the left or right and face the implications of doing so. A good example would be New Labour and Tony Blair changing the ideology of the party and all the circumstances involved with that.

Failing that, maybe in similarity to ministers you can select two - four preferences ( e.g Trade Unionist & Retired) for your political party or the pre-set parties you can select. This could have extra repercussions if you fail these demographics or benefits if you treat them well.

Party logo’s - A selection of in game logos to select from, just to add a little more character to the parties you choose or create.

Defectors - Cabinet ministers seem to either stay happy and silent, or leave their post & politics altogether if they are upset, which is fine but maybe a minister can defect to the opposition party if their polices are better aligned with theirs causing harm to your party and gaining the opposition more members etc would also give the opposition a little more substance!

Anyway, some of my deluded ideas, like I said I have no idea on the feasibility of any of what I have suggested, but another part I love about this game is that this forum allows the fans to have an input, big or small!

Keep up the great work!