Odd bug...

Tried playing a online challenge against Cliffski’s fleet and the enemy (his) fleet just disappeared one after another! I thought they might have cloaked and the animation glitched but they never came back :frowning: My fleet on the other hand ended up in the far right in the top and bottom corners of the map.

A bit bizzare… can I count this as a win :wink:

How bizzare. Does that always happen against that fleet? regardless what you field against it? Try just one cruiser with no added orders (just defaults).

I knew his fleet would cheat!

It always happens against that fleet, but, trying one cruiser, I think it may not have happened. With a larger fleet made up of ships without orders, only the large triangular-ish cruisers do the vanishing trick - everything else sticks around.

It’s never done it again… it has crashed once or twice with the same beam error message in another thread.

On the subject of that fleet are the two main ships supposed to be able to jump backwards after being hit? I would easly destroy it know if it wasn’t for those ships jumping backwards (out of the map no less! :-O).

I get this happen to me quite a lot during challenges - it’s not always all the ships, sometimes just a few. They simply vanish, so I can’t win or lose. :confused:

The vanishing seems to happen most often when I use fighter torpedoes - the ships that are gonna vanish vanish just as they’re about to hit, it looks like.

Edit - fighter rockets definitely trigger it too. This is always during a challenge.

Edit edit - Fighters with pulse/laser setups too. Also, when the last disappearing enemy disappears, they all flood off into a corner of the screen in a very straight line - like their steering’s turned off.

Edit edit edit - A bunch of frigates with non-beam lasers do the exact same thing, although occasionally - for some reason - a ship sticks around and takes a few hits before vanishing.

Yeah, I’m getting this too now. They disappear right before they’re hit, but I don’t see a single weapon causing it…

They pop, as soon as you hit one of the ships once with any weapon they pop, and poof they’re still counted among the enemies fleet percent and HP wise, but other then that they don’t exist. Which of course means that you’ve killed every ships that doesn’t pop, so you have 80% and they have 50% that are in never never land and they win since you eventually get bored and admit defeat. Though I have noticed that it seems only frigates do this, IIRC I’ve never seen an enemy cruiser of fighter pop.

I have a video of a fleet vanish here, if it would help. It happens one minute in.
Youtube is still processing it right now, but it should be up in a couple minutes.


Wow! That’s much worse than my usual fleet-vanish bug, which just drops a few ships on the enemy side. That’s SCARY. Mine doesn’t have that brief sound error going with it, either.

(Also, I recognise my fleet! MY BABIES! <3)

I just had this happen when attempting to do a challenge battle. Below is the fitting for the ship I had causing this. The weapon that was disappearing enemies was a yellowish star - not sure what the thing is called though.

The challenge was from Rikh to all, the taunt was ‘Meet the fleet that crushed Clifski and made him cry like a baby’.

If you can’t replicate it, I can provide all of the ship builds and the deployment file for my fleet.

It’s funny, but this is coming up very erratically. :frowning: I wonder why it happens sometimes and not other times?

More here — http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2644