Odd fighter behavior

A friend and I have noticed something odd with fighters. We’ve been doing some battles with large numbers of fighters and it seems that the fighters in a challenge are tougher than they should be. I’d go up against a challenge with identical fighters and lose the fighter duel badly, even with very superior numbers. These were straight fighter duels, no other ships. Tinkering with orders seemed to have little effect. Has anyone else noticed something like this?

Which challenge?

You’re sure they’re identical? Exact same hull and everything?

maybe one side has coop order…

Check the orders, if one of them has vulture it’s possible the other fleet is simply damaging and not destroying the enemy ships, and cooperative can also make a difference.

Co-op, vulture, stick together, different hull bonuses, different costs leading to one side having more ships than the other, etc., can all make a big difference.

For instance, a straight dogfight, races that are not Swarm/Rebel vs. a race that is Swarm/Rebel will get trashed mercilessly if cost is the limiting factor.