Odd game behavior in general

I’m not posting this in the support forum because quite frankly, I don’t think of it as a bug (at the moment); I’m just curious to see if anyone else has noticed this.

While doing some testing within the game, I created a turret with an obscenely high fire interval (12000) in order to keep the battle entirely one-sided. I noticed that if the turret takes any damage before it fully charges up for its first shot (which it almost invariably does), it never actually charges up and takes that first shot. Even when the turret has taken only a slight amount of damage and there is an enemy ship sitting well within its range, the turret just sits there.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

EDIT: I think I’ll expand the intent of this thread to various odd behaviors I’ve seen. No actual crash-inducing bugs or anything, just bizarre “Did I just see that?” kind of stuff.

I haven’t seen that ever happen, but it might have to do with the reduction of weapon effectiveness as a module takes damage. If the code multiplies the fire interval whenever the module takes damage it could have a fire interval so long you can’t see it charge up. What is the weapon’s hit points?

Not sure right now (away from my GSB machine) but I know it’s neither especially robust nor delicate. I will clarify one thing though: when the turret is selected, the icon looks just like it does when no target is in range. I have actually seen it start to charge, then get damaged and go back to “no target” mode. It’s rather strange, and if it’s a constant thing, I could see where it could be extremely annoying.

Here’s another interesting one involving the engine glow on some Empire fighters. Setup: I am running the mission against the Empire using my overblown homegrown mod race - which uses an engine glow identical to the Imperial, but color-shifted to red. Why is this relevant? Here’s why:

Zoomed in a fair distance, the Empire fighters look normal:

Zoom out one click of the scroll button and - huh? What happened to half the squadron?

One more zoom-out click, and now they’re all red:

It’s like at wide zooms the Empire is pulling the engineglow for the other side. Note: All three of these shots were taken from the same freeze-frame, without any action happening. Bizarre.

That battle has a red shader. You might have zoomed out so far that the contrails were shown more red because of the resolution.