"Off-grid" achievement


Just thought I’d suggest that the Off-Grid achievement should require an active factory with X amount of cars being produced, or at least “Some” cars being produced, just out of curiosity, I started a game, plopped some research down and researched power plant, put enough down to not require any import, low and behold 12 hours later, I got the achievement.

I feel that you should have to work quite hard towards that one.

Having the Off Grid award with a minimum limit say 50,000 would possibly be more difficult as it makes you set down a lot of power facilities before you can win it.

Very interesting idea. I guess we could have a much more hardcore power achievement, that’s off grid plus a power output that never drops below a level, for much later in the game.

Yeah or having a time requirement on it or something so that it’s run 24hrs Off-Grid rather than just 10 seconds Off-Grid. Could leave the original in and give it a different name and then change Off-Grid to be the maintain the Off-Grid.

I’ll definitely do this, I want to wait until some other features are in before I have another run of getting new achievements, so I can order the artwork all in one go, get them translated etc

Will wait to see what happens then!