Official Modding Resources : Federation Tiger

Ok, it’s clear that not everyone has 3d modeling tools, but a lot of people have something photoshop compatible. Here are some resources for people looking to modify some existing ships, maybe change colors and so on. I’ll upload some photoshop PSD fiels, and put the previews in this thread. This is stuff for the Federation Tiger Cruiser. I’ve re-rendered the damage texture so it works as an overlay. That means that fi you take any of these full renders and need to make an equivilant damage texture for it, you can just add the damage overlay on top and re-save it as the new damage texture. Eventually I’ll do the hulk texture too.
Let me know if anyone uses these, or thinks they are cool:

Damage Overlay

Layer 0

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Dark Variant

No Armor Variant

Shiny Variant1

Shiny Variant2

Shiny Variant3

Woa! Those variants for the federation tiger are great.

I wanted to get some skill with gimp to make some cool ships from the vanilla sprites for another mod I had in mind. Some of this layers will be helpful for that purpose and maybe I’ll add one of those variants later in the Experimental mod if no one uses them, and you want to :smiley:

Shiny variant free for everyone and easy to install, here:

Cliffski, you’re officially awesome. :slight_smile: Thanks so much for sharing those resources!