Official teaser trailer released...

Let me know what you think…

me like, who did that voice?

A guy hired by the video making dude, a pro voiceover chap :smiley:

Well… I turn my back for a month and look what happens!

Very nice taste of things to come. I have to say, I like the announcer’s voice very much; great tone and cadence for the game.

I like the quotes that the voice over guy uses.
But I am not all that keen on the scene changes nor the way the title is introduced.
(probably why i am an engineer, not a marketing expert :P)

I dig. :slight_smile:

(Pre-emptive disclaimer: like Darkstar, I am an engineer, not a graphic artist or copy writer. So take the following opinion with the appropriate grain of salt.)

If I had one small quibble, it’s that the voiceover was devoid of the snarky humor to be found in GSB1 (e.g., “A time for honor, for glory, for huge profits for people in the defense industry.”). Still a terrific teaser.

One thing I would advise as far as video of the game after viewing all the latest and greatest… scroll with caution. There is a LOT going on all at once, and during many of the demos I found myself overwhelmed with all that was going on mostly because the user (I assume this is you, Cliff!) tends to scroll around the battlefield very quickly, and often multiple times in rapid succession. This is fine when you are playing the game and demonstrating how quickly you can seek out ships and access them, but when you are doing a visual demo you might want to use slower panning. I think having a few shots where the camera is very close to the action and some others where it is backed out to the max might also be helpful to break up the visuals and add some interest. I know I like seeing a whole battle going on but I’m also attracted to the level of detail on the ships.

All in all, it looks spectacular!

Thanks for the feedback. Future trailers, maybe one for the beta and one for release, will be much longer and less frantic in terms of packing stuff in :smiley:

I think the ships look very bad. Way too many and strong colors. It’s like a croud of round shapes with absolutely no style whatsoever. It looks like an oldish bad Sci fi for kidds. It makes no sense.

On top of that, the total freedom of ship customization will allow ppl to create even more stupid looking ships and the game will look horrible. Not all ppl have a sense of aesthetics. I’m sorry to say but this is a totaly bad idea.
And that rave pattern is really ugly!!! At least the colors should be reduced…

I know allot of ppl are hyped about it, but that will not change the reality. This will affect the game.
My comment on youtube was even deleted :)) I don’t care.

Perhaps having the customizing option along with a supplied series of “solid” ship hulls more akin to GSB1? You know, if you have a passionate dislike about a feature, maybe suggest a solution?

Cliffski demonstrated that his engine allows to customize a lot of the lightning aspects. Now I’m not sure if we will be able to customize them ourselves in the game options or if the settings will be map-specific. If they are map-specific, I think we will see at least some darkening and color-weakening maps.

Well, it’s up to the player to make the ships look good and have style. And I hope the game will apply some predefined style (parts, engines, lights) to the ships if the player don’t want to use the customization feature! Maethius suggested something similar:

I’m quite optimistic people will downrate the “enjoyment” tag of challenges with bad ship design. This means we will be able to filter them out.
Maybe we should even have 3 tags (GSB1 has 2: difficulty and enjoyment) to rate:

  • difficulty: how difficult the challenge is
  • enjoyment: how fun it was to watch the battle
  • aesthetics: how well the ships are designed

I also don’t like that pattern. For your own ships you can still “disable” that pattern by selecting the same color for the base and the pattern.
I’m rather against to reduce the color palette, if it’s that you suggest.

Speaking for myself, I do not like the pattern if it stands out to much, like this (from your official teaser trailer):

However, I do like a lot of the GSB2 ship designs seen so far, including this one shown in your blog:

Please note I’m not a native english speaker, the terms and sentences used may be inaccurate and/or faulty.