Offline crash under Windows Vista

Hello everyone,

I bought this excellent game on Stardock Impulse. I noticed that when trying to launch it offline (ie not connected to the internet) GSB won’t start and crashes with an unexpected error. I tested it on 2 different PC (with Vista basic and vista premium) and the results are the same. This problem do not seem to exist under WinXP (I also have an older desktop PC with that OS), which works fine in offline mode. This bug was already submitted to Cliff, who tried to replicate it but to no avail (ie, his one works perfectly). Maybe it’s just the Impulse version? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Thanks to all!

PS I have AVG free antivirus installed and only the regular windows vista firewall.

Just disabled my connection to Internet to try this out and no issues, GSB started normally.

This is probably not overly useful for the following reasons:
I’m not using Vista -> Windows 7
I didn’t get GSB via Impulse.

Vista64-bit user here. I bought the game through Positech, but I haven’t had a problem using GSB either on-line or off-line.

I haven’t had any problems with other Impulse games running off-line either. Have you run into this problem with any other Impulse game, or just GSB?

Nope, I also have Galactic Civ 1 & 2 bought in store and registered to Stardock and they work fine. I wonder if I should just upgrade to Win7…