Offline Survival score logging

Thanks to the shoddy state of the UK’s broadband ‘infrastructure’ and the substandard routers that most companies provide, my WiFi connection has a tendency to go down for a minute or two every three-four hours. As I’m currently getting back into the Survival challenges, this is massively annoying: last night I logged almost 1.5mil on the Veil Nebula, only to realise that sometime during the battle I’d gone offline and so couldn’t post my high score.

Ok, so I can just switch to using a cable, which I will next time, but for various reasons that’s a bit of a logistical pain. I was wondering how hard it would be for the game to simply cache my score and then give me the option of posting it when next I went online? Or would this open the door to modders posting those ridiculous scores again?

I just hacked the score… It’s super easy to do as is.

So I think score cache wouldn’t cause any “new” problems.

… Please don’t do this sort of shit. Especially when you have several people working to max out their store…

Well Cliff got rid of it, so it should be fine now.