Oh, those silly fighters

First off, I don’t know if this is belongs in the mod section since it’s not really a mod question/showcase. If it needs to be moved, by all means move it.

But anyway, I was toying around with random challenges, and for this particular one I decided to field a carrier and some fighter strike groups. My offensive fighters were scrubbed pretty badly by escort fighters and massed tractor beams. But this isn’t about them.

It’s about the carrier escort fighters. They were given orders to escort the carrier and to return to carrier bays at 50% damage. But instead they… well… they looked like they were all on a coffee break and taking half-hearted potshots.


Was kind of scratching my head while this was happening. But it was funny. Oh, and by the end, everyone died. I haven’t been able to recreate this event, so I assume it was just something bugging in that particular situation. Just wanted to share it, haha.

Now I’d better download the new Hiigaran mod and make some funny videos. Or something.

(And I might as well put a question into here regarding the cautious order. Let’s say I give the order, and move the value to 25%. Does that mean the fighter will return once it’s at 25% HP, or will it return once it’s received 25% damage, thus having 75% HP?)

Looks to me like you used “formation” instead of “escort”.

Cautious order makes them run away when they are missing the listed percentage of HP. Meaning that a 20hp fighter set to “cautious 25%” will retreat when it has 15 or less hp remaining.

It wasn’t shown in that video clip, but the fighters were behaving normally at the start of the battle. Halfway through was when they starting chilling out.

Huh, that is strange, never seen that before O.o

Maybe your pilots are unionized and get a certain amount of guaranteed breaks? :wink: