Oil demand

This is probably another case of missing links. Much of the environmental damage caused by modern economies comes down to consumption of fossil fuels. Yet, when I hover over oil demand, it has no link to either of the environment or CO2 emissions.

I say much, as there is a great deal that doesn’t, even if all the energy from mining came from clean sources, mining itself has many harmful effects, just for one example.

This is probably one part of the game that needs an overhaul. Most of the environmental damage caused by vehicles and aircraft represented in game really ought to make a stop on oil consumption, rather than the cars and airplanes themselves causing the damage. Many of the policies relating to cleaning up vehicles should mitigate the harm they cause this way, rather than being direct environmental policies.

There should also be a two way link between oil demand and oil price. If oil gets more expensive, consumers are more inclined to shop around for alternatives. If oil is cheap, the market consumes more of it. The same should be true of oil price and supply. If oil is more expensive, suppliers start selling more into the market. Obviously there are other factors in the price of oil, including a WHOLE LOT of politics, but it is inaccurate to not model price influencing supply or demand.


Yeah they got hydrogen planes coming 2035, which I believe refers to term 4 in most games.

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