OK what now

Well I have beat it all on hard. Now what.
Wait for the finished product?

Try to make scenarios?

What are you doing? (assuming you have beat all the missions)

Is thia a poll?

Currently, I’m experimenting. See what strategies work, what what doesn’t (what can make the failing strategies work?).

Going through the list of challenges. Some of them are very challenging and required specialized ships be designed. Once you think you ‘know’ the game well enough, designed your own challenge and see just how good you are.

Beating a map is only part of it. The smaller your fleet (the more cash you leave on the table), the higher the honour you earn.
I should have an online score tble for that too…

If we had more items to buy that would be great too. I got about 20k points sitting there. Some of the missions are incredibly weak against fighter heavy strategies and i won using only about 1/2 to 2/3 of my allowed cash. Online score table would be nice, but once an ‘easy’ strategy is found to rack up massive honour you can bet someone is just gonna sit there and grind their way to the top spot.

An online leader board would be great, although I think it would need to somehow indicate the level of Tech loaded on the ships used as obliviously the higher tech of the ships the fewer are needed to beat a scenario. But by the same token, I assume skilled players may be able to achieve the thing with skilled ship design at a lower tech level, combined with skilled use of the Orders system.

How does that work, exactly? Do we only gain honour for a mission if we beat a previous best or something?

I ask, because I currently have 100k+ honour.

Clearly you’d have a high score table for each stage on each difficulty with your highest honour attained (or lowest fleet value used) in a single fight. There is hardly any situation where a cumulative score would be useful for a ranking table. They’re usually reserved for the realm of achievements like kill 1000 rebels or some such thing. Now that’s an idea, achievements, how about being able to earn cosmetic alterations like ships with go faster strips or disco lights gun or giant cowboy hats? Lets see how long it takes for people to come up with achievement names and criteria with a difficulty ranking and icons.

I’m at 220k :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every grade of difficulty on a challenge is a new score board, so it becomes easy to harvest honor.