Old age, etc..

I went past the 10 year End game point but got called away for something, so what happens after 20, 30, etc… years ?
No, I didn’t save progress :blush:

As in real life, peeps change and …
[color=darkred]Request : can anyone make up a couple of elderly graphics ?
Preferably for every 10 year stage.
I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler :blush: :wink:

[color=darkred]Request : is there a variable somewhere that could tell me how many direct, and indirect, friends there are in total ?
As the game starts off with your chosen character’s birthday I was thinking along the lines of all the friends throwing a birthday bash. Obviously this would be for every year.
I don’t think I could write a mod yet ( hint hint :confused: ) as I’m having troubles just with some initial settings :blush: