[old? bug] Mutliple shield maximum resistance

I think I already read about this issue some times ago, but it seems to still be here and I can’t seem to find the old thread.

So basically, stacking different shields on a ship boosts the shield resistance of every one of them up to the value of the strongest one. So, if you mix light shield generators and reflective shields, the light shields, when hit, will have a resistance of 27.

Thats a feature not a bug. But as I recall, this was fixed insomuch as the resistance of a ship at any given point is the highest resistance amongst its working shields. So if you have 2 generators and 1 is destroyed, your resistance may fall, if they ahve different values.

and this applies ONLY to resistance? or does it apply to other stats when using two different generators?

Seconded. Is recharge rate of all the shields equal to the highest value as with resistance?

Still, I think that makes reflective shields a bit too powerful. As it is right now, all you have to do is put a single reflective shield and a few multiphasic shield to make your ship invulnerable to anything except the heaviest weapons (and make sure the reflective shield appears first in the modules list, so that it’s the last one to be taken down).

this would explain why some of my cruisers die quickly, and others do not!