on CL spam

anyone found a good counter for cruiser laser spam?

by spam i dont mean only CL, but like 80 percents CL and some beams or something…

any ideas?

multiple warhead missiles as my personal favourite i`d think…
basically any weapon with high range

you can also sorta risk it and set your ships engagement range well beyond the missile/plasma/whatever range… the ships “run away” from their current target if it gets below 1/2 of their engagement range… i wouldnt try that with short range weapons fitted tho,its a death sentence… since the ships dont make any effort to close in when theyre fired upon from beyond their maximum weapon range on this setting

then you have the option of using EMP missile frigates,which i actually found quite useful but difficult to master in more complicated tactical situations…

im sure there are other ways,but this is just off the top of my head

they have scrambler beams on them…

they all do… :smiley:
use any long-range weapon you can think of,that was just an example… plasmas can work but personally i avoid using those,they look lame :slight_smile:
anyways if spamming missiles wont work,i guess try plasmas… but by my experience a missile spam fleet with EMP`s on frigs among them goes a long way

among more conventional options… frigate spam or even heavier CL spam

they’re .25 speed so they dodge plasma nicely and can close range fast…

pulse beams on them shred frigates of the same value (as if the CL wasn’t enuf)

and finally for heavier CL spam… i don’t like a weapon that can only be defeated by more of a weapon itself, if thats the case shouldn’t CL be nerfed?

not really,its the only good close range weapon we have…

well,if the cruisers are that fast that probably means they cant tank well… heavier CL tankers could pretty much shred them to pieces since cruisers simply are not designed for dodging “that” well

so ur saying basically keep spamming?

is that what close ranging comes down to?

actually its a careful balance between resillience,firepower,speed and cost
but yeah i guess :smiley:

if someone is playing like that you can either outsmart him or outspam him,depends on which is easier

thing is… im wondering if there is a way 2 out-smart him, or is out-spamming the only way 2 go?

sure there is,you just need to find it
separating the enemy ranks often does wonders if you can do that without spreading your forces too thin

my mind doesnt really work well unless i can try it,and im at work atm :smiley:
best of luck trying to figure it out either way

i posted a challenge on GSB, u should try it out, if u find out anything useful plz retaliate me

I always find CL range is much to low to make it a massive threat, but I did check out your challenge.

It was tough, but I managed to win with Fast Missiles only with target painter, with 25% hull damage. I think I probably could have done it with minor hull damage only if the map had been larger. As it was my ship spent several precious minutes hugging the edge of the map trying to get enough range to be able use the missiles when your ship closed in - damn that minimum range.

I have sent retaliation.

great… is there another use for this cruiser other than countering mine?

btw from what i’m seeing on the retaliations… fast missile seem like the way to go with this kind of scenario

Thunderbird I have Plasma torpedos. . . . .
I was messing around with the settings for mu super-cruiser plasma launchers and set the to a size that are much much bigger than what they are now. And once they hit a frigate that has only shields and no armor it is instanly dystoryed. However the fact is that it takes like two minutes to hit the frigate unless it manages to fire before the frigate moves.

My super-criuser plasma torpedos do 360 damage, have a max range of 1800 minimal range of 600. Shield and armour penetration of 80, speed 10, tracking speed 0.25, turnspeed 0.5, fuel 3000, power 300, fire interval 6000, crew 60, cost 800, weight is 400. It is a locked module needed 5000 honor to unlock. As does ALL the super-cruiser items I have made all around 4000-8000 honor to unlock. Also note that a LOT of my super-cruiser weapons have huge minaml ranges to offset both there long range, and damage. Though some of the power, crew, and fire do help offset the damage.


I beat your challenge using a “point man” cruiser - I switched out the tractor beam and plasma for closer in weapons but the actual structure is unchanged. You broke the shields but never got through the armour.

Your battle should be more “open” because that size map and those restrictions pretty are designed for single style cruisers as opposed to multi-purpose. I think of spam as the majority of the ships being all the same design. A single ship spam does not make. My “walls” although missile heavy - I try and make as multi-purpose as possible.

The thing about spam fleets - is the can always be beaten by a differing spam fleet (rock, paper, scissors).

My usual deployments I like to use spoiler craft - fast cruisers or frigates ahead of the fleet going in differing directions. Some people have complained about this and my freaky fighter defenses. Often this splits the fleet up. I find it easier to concentrate and cut down small pieces of a fleet as opposed to going head to head. I posted a cruiser wall challenge in retaliation against Angry Redhead’s square cruiser fleet.

I know his ships where not CL spam - the point is - the engagement never went closer than missile ranges - it was pretty much out of beam weapon range.

No why is GSB crashing so much today?


not rly… wasn’t crashing for me…

im gonna send u a bigger map version of my ship k? try 2 get that figured out?

i’m having limited success against that ship with a tribe cruiser

3 fast missile
1 designator
4 repair
2 reinforced power
1 0-G crew
1 crew 1 (or micro… im not sure)
2 supercharged engine

it can beat that ship in one-one duel as well as being a capable combatant in the real battles…

How much better accuracy do you get with a target designator? I never seem to see that much of a difference.


well… it doesn’t do too much here when it’s a lone cruiser

but if you’re trying 2 hit 0.60+ speed frigates, they come in REAL handy

im talking like 30 percent to 70 percent hit rate here

It was actually one that I normally use at the back of a fleet as missile support, while forward cruisers take the main beating. I did modify it slightly by upping the armour and using the reinforced power plants and crew rather than the normal ones as cost was not a factor. Other than that, that ship is perfectly normal, for me anyway.