on fighter spam

what would you consider fighter spam?

  • 10+% fighters in credits
  • 20+% fighters in credits
  • 30+% fighters in credits
  • 40+% fighters in credits
  • 50+% fighters in credits
  • 60+% fighters in credits
  • 70+% fighters in credits
  • 80+% fighters in credits
  • 90+% fighters in credits
  • 100% fighters in credits

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what would you consider fighter spam?

This poll is not quite right, the credits do not greatly influence the fighters, because they are generally inexpensive. This poll should be about the drivers you use, because these are depleted faster than the credits.
in the case of cruisers and frigates, is the opposite, most of these are expensive and consume only units, then the credit dries much faster and pilots are left over.

For me fighter spam is use 75% or more of your pilots. When i try fighter-bomber spam tactics i use:

30% of my pilots for Interceptors (fast and laser fighter)

30% for Fast Raid Bombers (superfast fighters with only one rocket launcher)

15% heavy bombers (shielded or armored torpedo fighters)

Sometimes Support fighters (faster, light and laser painter equiped

And the rest for cruisers and some support frigates equiped with emp and shield disruptors, making easier the assault for fighters.
Recently im testing the “Lore Fighters” tactics…
^EDIT: sorry, lure, not lore xD

i disagree in the sense that fighters are expected to take up most of your pilot count as cruisers does to ur credit count
in my experience each frig (on average) has about 4 fighters and each cruiser 12-16

which assuming an average of 100 per fighter, 800 per frig and 3000 per cruiser (in my experience)

gives a total of about %33 credits to fighters yet assuming 2 frigs per cruiser, about %86-%89 pilots

a quite substantial difference…


PS: nice fighter tactic :slight_smile:

100% or close to 100% is a fighter spam. There’s a big difference between surviving fighters long enough to crush someone’s cruisers, and actually having to kill half the fighters to win.

A few more pertinent questions:

Do you use fighters primarily to kill enemy fighters?

Do you use fighters primarily to kill enemy frigates?

Do you expect your fighters to kill the majority of enemy cruisers?

If your expectation is that the fighters will kill the enemy cruisers, you have fighter spam. :slight_smile:

Honestly the only time i use fighter spam is against poorly defended Empire fleets. I know it’s POSSIBLE, but i haven’t seen one yet that handled my laser fighters well enough to not lose about 25+% of their cruisers and frigates to FT

If anyone has an empire fleet they’re really confident of, please PM me on the forums with the challange. I consider it a personal failing that i haven’t made an empire fleet i found truly dangerious, and want to see what other people are doing with it

well… empire is underpowered…

but i guess that would be going off topic

True :confused:
I rather like them, if they were just slightly better i’d probably use them for my main fleet. Then run rebels as my rush/energy fleet
I made this bastardized varient of a cruiser that Ramcat posted in the Lethality/Survivability thread, 1cl, 2 Fast Missiles, 1 or two shields and a TON of engines. A fleet of those things is just plain murder xD

  1. Never
  2. Always
  3. On maps with low pilot limits, no. On maps with high pilot limits, I expect my fighters to hit first, inflict enough damage on enemy cruisers for my own cruisers to take the advantage, and stay alive long enough to pick off stragglers during the endgame. In the case of the Rebels - my favourite faction - I’d say this was playing to one of their strengths rather than spamming :wink:

There’s no entry on that poll for “None of the Above”

Seriously, I often use fighters as the main striking power in my fleets.