Democracy 4 is now on FULL RELEASE and no longer in Early Access, so I’ll be trying to shift any debate about the game here to this forum, as its no longer in beta, let alone alpha!
The game is available direct from us:

as well as from Epic:



and on steam:

…so if you have friends who were interested in the game but prefer not to play early access titles, then please let them know they can grab the game now!

This does NOT mean an end to updates for the game, it just means that we can concentrate a lot more on stuff like balancing the game, and supporting mods, and optimizations and compatibility stuff, and not be working through a big list of features. There will definitely be more updates coming!

A big THANKYOU to everyone on here who has provided such excellent, well thought out and polite suggestions, critiques and evaluations of the game while it was in Early Access, you have undoubtedly made a big difference, and it means the game is much better than it would be without this community. Many thanks!


Thanks, Cliff! Hard Work pays off!


Congratulation on the official full release of Democracy 4!
Looking forward to future updates & DLCs


Congrats, been looking forward to this for a while!

Now that the game is out of beta, I hope you will please consider making a Mac version. I’m ready and willing to give you my money.


Have a nice holiday!

So excited!!!

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Congrats! If we purchased on alpha, will we get a code? Ideally GoG?

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the alpha copy also comes with a steam code, its handled by the humble website (or itch if you bought from them).
Also if you just re-download the game from humble or itch, that’s the very latest version of the game.


Saw this promoted on Steam 1-2 days ago, thought the idea was really interesting, so bought it. Have no idea how much Steam takes from you as a service, but without it I wouldn’t have heard of this haha. Am enjoying it so far, and this forum is pretty cool - great work on the game!


Welcome Dan!

Hey Cliff, I don’t know if this is still a thing, but is it still possible to delete nuclear weapons policy and still have the first strike dilemma pop up?

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