On Mission Presets

It seems some changes are being made to the mission preset values, based on the changelist. Here are some things that would be nice to address this time for @cliffski .

  • AbortionLaw (0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1) preset is 0.4 for South Korea (and it has been decriminalized since 2021 and no law regulates it) and missing for Spain, France, Germany, and Australia
  • AlcoholLaw (0/0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1) preset is 0.5 for Spain/France/Australia, 0.25 for Canada, and missing for UK
  • competitionlaw preset is missing for South Korea, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, and USA
  • Creationism preset is missing for Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia
  • ExecutiveTermLength (0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1) preset is 0.24 for UK
  • HandgunLaws (0/0.17/0.33/0.5/0.67/0.83/1) preset is 0.9 for South Korea, 0.4 for USA, 0.625 for Germany, and 0.78 for Canada
  • ImmigrationRules preset is missing for USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada
  • IntelligenceServices preset is missing for UK and Australia
  • Narcotics (0/0.17/0.33/0.5/0.67/0.83/1) preset is 0.125 for Germany and missing for Spain
  • PhoneTapping (0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1) preset is 0.1 for Japan, 0.12 for Germany, and 0.4 for Canada
  • PoliceForce preset is missing for Japan
  • PrisonRegime preset is missing for Spain
  • Prisons (0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1) preset is 0.4 for South Korea/Japan/France, 0.44 for Germany, 0.65 for Canada, and missing for UK & Australia
  • RefugeePolicy preset is missing for South Korea, USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, and Australia
  • RetirementAge (0/0.07/0.13/0.2/0.27/0.33/0.4/0.47/0.53/0.6/0.67/0.73/0.8/0.87/0.93/1) preset is 0.5 for Italy and missing for South Korea & Spain
  • RoadBuilding preset is missing for USA
  • SelectiveSchooling (0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1) preset is 0.2 for Italy, 0.6 for Canada, 0.65 for Australia, and missing for Japan
  • Japan is considered to be lacking nuclear technology by in-game tags but has nuclear fission policy. I guess it needs nuclear tech prerequisite.
  • for the last thing, consider removing Land Border for South Korea since its only border is one with the north and it’s so heavily militarized that border wall sounds like a joke. so it might be more realistic to consider SK like an island.

things to add:

  • InternetCensorship (0/0.33/0.67/1) preset is 0.15 for Australia
  • UniversityGrants (0/0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1) preset is unimplemented for KR (KOSAF scholarship is quite generous), 0.5 for Spain, 0.65 for Italy, 0.1 for France, and 0.25 for Canada

some of my change proposals

  • AbortionLaw (0/0.25/0.5/0.75/1)
    SK: 0.4 β†’ 1
    ES: missing β†’ 0.75
    DE: missing β†’ 0.75 (maybe?)
    FR: missing β†’ 0.75
    AU: missing β†’ 0.75

  • AlcoholLaw (0/0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8/1)
    SK: 0.6 β†’ 0.4
    UK: missing β†’ 0.4
    ES: 0.5 β†’ 0.4
    FR: 0.5 β†’ 0.4
    CA: 0.25 β†’ 0.4
    AU: 0.5 β†’ 0.4

  • AntiCorruptionAgency
    SK: exists (controversial though)

  • Creationism
    too many missing but I guess most of them will fit with 0.8

  • DeathPenalty
    SK: 0.05 β†’ 0 (no execution since 1997)

  • FinancialTransactionsTax
    SK: exists
    IT: exists (might get replaced with EU one later)
    FR: exists (might get replaced with EU one later)

  • FreeBusPasses
    SK: none β†’ 1 (bus & metro completely free for seniors)

  • MarriedTaxAllowance
    UK: exists (I guess?)

  • Narcotics (0/0.17/0.33/0.5/0.67/0.83/1)
    UK: 0 β†’ 0.17 (medical cannabis is legal afaik)
    ES: missing β†’ 0.33 (not sure β€˜okay to use but not for sales’ does fit with this)
    IT: 0.15 β†’ 0.17
    DE: 0.125 β†’ 0.17

  • NationalService
    SK: 0.6 β†’ 0.8 (18 months service a lot longer than 6 months)

  • RentControls
    SK: exists (might get scrapped soon)

  • RetirementAge (0/0.07/0.13/0.2/0.27/0.33/0.4/0.47/0.53/0.6/0.67/0.73/0.8/0.87/0.93/1)
    SK: missing β†’ 0.33 (age of 65)
    UK: 0.4 β†’ 0.47 (age of 67)
    ES: missing β†’ 0.33
    JP: 0.125 β†’ 0.33
    IT: 0.5 β†’ 0.47

  • watermeters
    I’m personally not sure why this doesn’t exist for any of the given countries in the base game. might be okay in UK but for the other 9 countries too??

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another thoughts:

  • FuelEfficiency - I thought a lot of countries do have fuel efficiency standards but it seems no country in D4 is interested in it?
  • HealthTaxCredits, MarriedTaxAllowance, MortgageTaxRelief, SchoolTaxCredits - I see that these policies are quite expensive and valuable to give (especially in turn zero). but I guess they are more common in the real world than in the game.
  • InternationalFusionResearchProject - the US is a member of ITER program. also the EU is contributing to it.
  • TobaccoAwarenessCampaign - I understand this is rather trivial one but I think a lot governments produce some kind of anti-smoking ads?
  • unexplainedwealth - I guess it might be more common than represented in the game. For example, in SK, the tax bureau runs PCI (Property - Consumption - Income) system and can assume unexplained wealth to have been transferred and impose gift tax. nonetheless, I can see why this is not provided at turn zero. might make the game too easy or affect how often tax evasion gets triggered.
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