On no gratauitously corrupted file!

I have messed up my GSB file with many failed attempts at installing mods, and now the game wont run. O_O Is there any way to fix this?

-SomethingFunny :smiley:

Any time i have messed up my GSB game through modding etc i have found the best option is to:

If that fails:
Uninstall then Reinstall
(save anything you require before taking this step)

Where is the installer located, as i said in another post i installed this game quite a while ago and just recently rediscovered it while going thru my hard drive.

Just reading your other message, I take it you did not purchase GSB through steam.
(Which is quite useful in situations like this)

Hmm, you are indeed in a bit of a pickle . .
In that case the only thing i can suggest you do is find which email account you used when you purchased it :confused:
(Hopefully you can work out where you purchased it from and ask them to resend the link)

if you bought the game direct from positech, just email cliff at positech.co.uk and I can re-send you a download link, if you can’t find the original installer you downloaded…