Ok, this is what we call a ‘soft release’, in that I’m announcing it here quietly so I can trap any problems with the order process or the installer etc. But basically the game is now on sale. Hurrah! I am sooooooo tired…

here it is:


Let me know if anyone has any problems.
I need sleep…

The ‘Get it now’ button links to a shopping cart for the game Kudos, not Democracy…

aha :smiley:

Ok That’s fixed now… cheers :smiley:

No probs!

Now it automatically marks you up for both Kudos and Democracy. Easily changeable, but…

Edit: Tried to buy it but payment was declined. Could be a mistake on this end though.

Edit 2: Nope, tried it again and it failed again.

I’ll investigate. i have got some orders, so it must work. I’ll email BMT.
It uses cookies, so if you ever clicked on the kudos buy page (or the wrong link from earlier) it will be in there.

Hi there, having just purchased the product and reading of problems, can you confirm for me that if there are further bugs - once it is fixed - do you send out new download links?

If so is that done via email or is there an automatic update feature?


you can click the update button (on the on-line screen) and check for a new version, although there inst one yet. when there is, the same download link will download a newer version.
The only problem I’m aware of is a demo-only thing. There is a suggestion for improvement which I plan to implement (restricted power stuff), but I’ll see if there are other fixes or suggestions first before finalising the patch.

Not sure I’m keen on the activation of the game. Although I guess you have to do that due to there being no CD/DVD to check. What if I need to reinstall XP on move to a new PC, will I need to activate again? What if, for whatever reason, you stopped supporting the game, Positech Games shut down and you disappeared, would we still be able to activate the game online?

Even after all these years I can still play the game I love, Capitalism 2. I’m sure if it needed activation I wouldn’t be able to play it anymore as it’s no long supported.

I’ve been around 10 years and am not going anywhere. You need to activate once on any machine you want to play it on. I may release a patch in the future that removes it, but I’m afraid piracy is just too rampant not to do some protection for new games. I have already seen people asking for cracks for the game, and its not even out a week yet ;(.

Wow that’s bad! I mean I don’t like paying for games either but to just crack it? especially after one week? :laughing:

We all get hit by busses, my friend…

Well, obviously not all of us. My point is that you might get hit by one tomorrow and then not be around anymore. With Positech being just you, that has connotations for your customers.

(Maybe you could build an unprotected version to be released in the event of your death? :open_mouth: )

a mate of mine has backup of my source code, he will be able to sort it out if I do get wiped out.

LOL /morbid. Why don’t we just have it so cliffski leaves the copyrights to his games to the GPL so we can do whatever we want with them if he has an untimely demise. Hey Cliff you like how we’re talking about your death??? :laughing:

If Cliffski dies, I don’t think he’ll give a damn about the game or us anymore :laughing:

Best not give us too much incentive to see Cliffski come to harm…

Cliffski, maybe you ought to tell your friend to destroy the source code, should you die of anything other than natural causes! :mrgreen:

Cliff, any news on the Mac version???, just a general eta would be great, are we talking mid january or september 08?

Yes, let’s avoid the subject of death… I’m just as morbid as the rest of you, but you never talk about lightning when you are standing under a large tree in a fierce storm, do you? :open_mouth:

Anyway, it’s out! This calls for a celebration in the manner of our internet-based culture, my friends! Let’s worship at the altar of Democracy and drink the Ambrosia of Politics! :mrgreen:


when will Democracy 2 be out in the shops?