On Sale Now

Kudos 2 is finally released! here is the official announcement thingy:


Just bought it direct from the site and downloading now!
Didn’t need the demo, I already know it’s gonna be good! :slight_smile:

Thanks Cliffski!

Congratulations on the release Cliff!

Just finished playing through the demo, so I bought it.

Played the demo and bought it on the spot. Looking very good. Can’t wait to see all the goodies in it.

Good job. I tried the demo first as recommended and that worked fine and dandy (Vista 64) so just bought it (download did fail a couple of times, guess your taking some hits) . Have to say the game looks and feels very polished. The comic book style and font work exceptionally well together (more of this would be no bad thing). Well done, huge success I hope, and enjoy the beer money :wink:


Been playing almost solid for the past couple of hours. Great work! It was just what I was hoping for! :slight_smile:
I’m already looking through the data files to plan my own mod, but it does look a little more complicated than K1.
I remember you said in your blog a day or two ago about possibly doing mod tools or improving mod support with a patch, but don’t rush with it. Enjoy a good long rest. You’ve definitely deserved it!
… oh! and enjoy the extra cash! :slight_smile:

It has more modding potential because a lot more of the game is controlled by scripts. Although ironically the only known crash bug right now is also a script related one. ho hum :smiley:

Bought it today, and so far I’m likin’ it a lot! More detail in just about everything, same good fun!

Props all around!

I just bought Kudos 2 after just recently squeezing the remaining life out of Kudos 1.

If I knew K2 was being released today I would’ve taken the day off! I mean, those blind peasant folk and homeless orphans can be helped tomorrow, right? :smiley:

One thought though: from a K1 player, I couldn’t find much information on why I should buy K2 (at least on the official K2 page). Perhaps listing off the differences (xx new jobs/activities/skills/items, improved GUI by adjusting xx, FANCY CHARTS) would help some of those fence-sitter K1 owners to buy it.

Wayno, as apolitical ever

P.S. BIG thanks for the DRM-free game. I’ve actively avoided buying great games like Mass Effect purely on DRM grounds. Also, thanks for the $19.95; it’s RIGHT on my impulse-purchase-no-real-questions-asked borderline.

I just noticed that Kudos 2 keeps my favorite sound effect.

YOO-BAR-AAAAGGGHHH!!!..whish, whish…whish!

I love it! :smiley:

I did the same thing and wasn’t proved wrong. Played for an hour or so before dinner and had great fun. The new art alone is worth the $20 upgrade over K1. I feel less creeped out by other characters now and am more prone to socialise. I’m kind of hoping the changes in K2 will spread to the Rock Legend sequel (gently nudges Cliffski’s ribs)

No DRM, no third-party-loader nonsense - pure game. A bloody triumph of independent game development.

Agreed. I go to bigfishgames.com for casual games because they are nice and cheap but after a couple of new hard drives, a crash or two, and a computer upgrade I discovered the joy of DRM. I bought the game but I ran out of reinstallations? Oh hell no! This really infuriates me. Why is it that I can use a game CD I purchased ten years ago to reinstall a favorite but I can’t install a game I bought a year ago? The fact that DRM is not a part of the game makes me want to buy it just so I can support producers who expect me to act like an adult and behave the way an adult should. I recognize the work that goes into a product like this so I respect the developer.

I’m from holland, and don’t speak English fluently, but I hope I can make myself clear:

I bought Kudos and Kudos Rock ledgend, and enjoyed those games, so I waited long for this release. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available for mac. Is there a possibility to buy Kudos 2 for the PC, and exchange it for the mac version when it’s ready?
I hope so, becouse the FAQ says: “We don’t treat our customers like criminals, or make it difficult to play the game. You can install it on your home and your work PC if you like.” and “Please buy the game if you like it, and help support customer-friendly indie games companies :D”. I think I proved to be willing to support by buying 2 games for my mac. Still I don’t expect such exeptional service, but trying can never hurt…

Hi, you could do that, there is intended to be a mac port, which is under development now, but I hesitate to recommend anything until the port is actually done, because I hate making promises about stuff outside my control.

Awesome! Having bought a ton of games the other month, Im in for this one. I really enjoyed them all and sending word out to friends. Keep up the great titles, I dont normally bookmark a game company but I have yours handy all the time along with Stardock.

P.S. Thanks again for your DRM policy, it keeps me coming back now let me place my order and get going.


When I tried to buy through BMT Micro I was told the price was £14.99, I assumed this included VAT as it worked out around $22.25, not the $19.95 you said. When I entered my details and proceeded to the next step the currency was converted to dollars and then charging VAT, the final price works out at about $26.39 or £17.77. Am I being charged twice for VAT?

So, I was just purchasing and downloading the game LEGALLY.
but in my downloading proscess, it stop loading.
and when I try to refresh it using the password that been send to me
it says like this:

Care to elaborate?

hi, if you email cliff AT positech dot co dot uk with your order number or email address used I can fix this.

Will Kudos 2 be updated for Mac OS Catalina?

sorry no, we have no plans to do this. Apple basically deliberately made everyones computers worse… :frowning: