On socialist policies

It would be nice if socialist policies werent just statism (that usually some socialists support to an extent, but as a way to reach actual socialism) and also other policies like supporting worker coops in different ways (some would call this just capitalism, but its a goal of market socialists. The game cant really have an actual socialist country but you can try to get near it). Enforcing workplace democracy (this should be really, really hard, maybe just in the goverment?). Central/decentral planning probably cant be achieved in this game, so I wont ask. Maybe even canceling the national debt, that would have huge repercussions but you would save a lot money.


There are lots of cultural Marxist and left wing social policies in the game. The raft of nationalisations a government can make mean that one can have a “centrally planned” economy.

State capitalism is not socialism. What is even “cultural marxism”? Also, I like that progressive policies arent automatically socialist cause there are conservative socialists, but there should be a progressive rank. Liberals support legalization and equal rights, progressives positive action and funding.


“State capitalism is not socialism”
Here we go. The NEP (new economic policy) was used by the first socialist state to develop it’s industries; the PRC uses the state to, again, develop productive forces for the development of lower level communism, i.e. socialism. The state can USE capitalism for the benefit of the people, to a degree. Once an advanced level of production is attained self-sufficiency is possible and higher levels of communism can occur.

“Cultural Marxism” is a term that racists use to conflate socialism with Judaism. It’s tantamount to the conspiracy that Jewish people secretly run the world and other bigoted forms of nonsense.

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It’s true that self-sufficiency like this is possible, but state capitalism is still different from that.
State Capitalism is where the state controls industries with a primary goal of profitability.
Socialism doesn’t mean you can’t run a profit. However, it’s not your primary goal. And there’s plenty forms of Socialism that reject a big strong state or at least merely accept it as the smaller evil compared to private corporations.

That being said, if you have a Socialist state, you might decide that, in order to fund other things that matter more, you want to partially bolster your funds with not just tax returns but also state-run profitable industries. It’s really dependent on what flavor you’re going for. Of which there are lots.

It’s the new Cultural Bolshevism (an antisemitic conspiracy theory).