one last time...

look, cliff… If you dont make it so we can make add usergroups soon(without deleting others)… there will be very little new mods… I am willing to make a large amount of mods(and I assume alot of other people) but unforcently I cant make them without making new usergroups!

Aha, you have caught me on a day where I can take a look at this.
opens dev studio…

Well, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I remember this issue being talked about back in the Democracy 1 forum too. Now it’s being addressed, hurrah.

What kind of policies would cheese eaters be affected by, anyhow?

potheads,communists, hrion users, cocian users, male, female… TONS

Any groups that you introduced would have to have a reasonable range of policies that affected them. If you wanted to add drug users, there is probably only one or two policies that would actually affect them in any way. You would thus have to start adding a load of new policies to make them viable. I can’t see how it could be viable to have a separate group for each type of drug user unless you massively modified the game. Indeed, probably adding almost any new voter group will require you also to add new policies.

There are groups that could be added without massive modifications. For instance, there’s currently capitalists, wealthy, and self-employed groups. Adding another group would clarify a lot of things: “Investors”. Then the capitalists can be the ideological capitalists, the ones who are minarchist or even anarchistically capitalistic, and some of the currently inconsistent policies can be offloaded to investors.

Can you control how much groups overlap? If you can make investors and wealthy people often linked to each other, you can straighten out some inconsistencies there too. There are policies which would affect major business concerns but not wealthy people per se. (These may not be in the game. I need to check. I’m certain there are some.)

you can control group overlaps, although to do it properly you need to both add text files AND edit the votertypes.csv. But I think that is a bit inevitable for now.