One new line desperately needed for weapon modules

something like:

target_size=CLASS SIZE LIST

where CLASS SIZE LIST is a comma separated list of available class sizes the weapon will target. Alternately the list is of sizes the weapon will NOT targe (whichever is easier for cliffski), the default would be that the weapon targets all sizes unless the line is in the module, so vanilla (extant) modules remain unchanged.

This would override the normal AI, so that the ONLY target might be a fighter, but this weapon system, if not allowed to attack fighters will not attack fighters, PERIOD.

The uses are myriad. Fighters, for example. They could carry a missile/bomb that would only be used vs Frigates or larger, not wasted on the first fighter in range (this is ideal combined with a huge fire interval, so that the weapon can be powerful, but only fired once in a scenario). The same fighter might have a defensive laser that only attacks fighters. You could then have fighter-bombers that would seek their real prey, larger ships, while using defensive weaponry on other fighters—exactly what fighters with a tail gun should do.

Larger ships? Main batteries (with low tracking speeds) that won’t shoot at fighters they can never hit. Other, creative uses can be addressed, surely. Bottom line is this is really needed to make fighters behave as all of us would expect, IMHO.


PS—I’d love to also see “expendable” weapons that have a total count on rounds available to fire (Rounds=2 would mean the weapon shoots twice, then is out of ammo). I realize this is likely far harder to code, since the next step would be for fighters so armed to RTB when the count reaches zero to rearm.

I not only like both this suggestions. But would really REALLY LOVE for them to be in the game.

I can see heavily armed fighters with 8 weapons systems on board BUT only 2 for fighters, 2 or 4 more for frigates and 2 or 4 for cruisers. Or heck even 2 for fighters and 6 for cruisers. And that the cruiser weapons are limited number ammo’s so that they have to return to the carrier to rearm.

One trouble that i see is fighters selected to fire only at fighters just flying around not shooting at frigates and cruisers because that is all that is left. Or were all you have left are cruisers vrs fighters.

It’s a choice, though.

If you have a missile or bomb that has a low tracking speed it will only ever hit a fighter 2% of the time anyway in the current game. Those weapons simply should not be wasted on fighters. Nor any powerful “main battery” type gun on a CA, etc., particularly if it has a low ROF.

In my SB mod, I made the rocket and missile launchers on the fighters have small numbers of weapons that could salvo a few, but had a salvo interval of 99999. This means they fire ONCE. It is what you’d expect (the ramhead fighters have that huge torpedo, sort of like the UFO interceptors from that series), but useless now since they fire at the first fighter to pass by.

If you give them an ROF that allows more shots, then the weapon needs to do far less damage, since it will be hitting all the time. Dunno, seems like a great balance option to me.