Online Challenge crashes

About 70% of the attempts to play online challenges result in GSB crashing, with the “usual” error message.(GSB needs to close). I have the latest updates and haven’t modded the game at all. It’s starting to become pretty frustrating!

if you send a challenge to yourself, do they always 100% work for you?

Yep they always work. One thing I should point out, I bought the Nomads yesterday and have been using them all morning with no crashes. Don’t know if that helps? One other issue: the list of online challenges needs to be constantly refreshed. When I start the game it always begins with the challenges posted back in January. I refresh, play a challenge, then have to refresh again afterwards as it defaults back to the January challenges again. Is there any way for the refreshed challenge list to stay where it was last updated?

it sounds like the game isn’t being allowed to write the challenges text file to disk, its stored somewhere in mydocument\my games\gratuitous space battles. Under web or challenges or challenge data as I recall.
Maybe that file is corrupted, or some security/file permissions are causing problems there.
It certainly should update that file every time you refresh the list.

No worries. It’s not a major problem. Just a little annoying. Thanks mate.