Online Challenges

Hey guys, I have a question regarding how it actually picks which units to play, and how it plays them - online mode.

I thought that it would put down your units, how you put them down when you played it for both attack and defence.

But then, I played one of my maps that I put up on the online challenge board, and “I” did completely different things to what I had just done.

So, that got me thinking, is there a way that you can play the exact set of units in the order that you sent them in, for attack or defence?

And if so, what options do you have to pick for it to work that way?

Say if I sent - Custom Mech 1, Custom Mech 1, Repair Truck, Custom Mech 2, Custom Mech 1.

What do I have to do, uploading and then replaying that upload, to get the AI to send out the same mechs in the same order that I sent them in?

I wish I had an answer for you, but i don’t, sorry, but Cliff of course probably knows, and some of the other players may know as well. Good luck!


I think that the game intends to let you post a replay of an attack, so that other people can try and defend against the units you used, in the same order, at the same points in time relative to the start of the attack.

That’s the same as if you defend against one of your saved attack replays offline, but online at the moment I can’t get that feature to work :frowning:

There isn’t an equivalent “play against the same defence” option, possibly because the defenders are intended to be reactive to the attack rather than the other way around. Instead the AI will use the set of units available to the map but pick and place them according to its interpretation of the attack.

Ideally we’d be able to write defensive AI scripts stating “If they attack with a sodding big tank, put this infantry unit just here” but I’m not sure Cliffski has time to incorporate a scripting engine into the game :wink:

I see thanks for the replies, I had noticed there was an option to “save a recording of the attack” but I never seem to be able to click it, or load anyone elses recording online.

I guess this is a work in progress feature then, i will keep a look out for when it changes!

I havent had a chance to play with the divisions yet, but I will try and get the defence to only use my units, it bugs me when I play my defence replays and they keep putting out the standard turrets instead of my new, improved turrets.

The not seeing the saved-out scripts with the challenges thing is a silly silly silly typo bug by me. It will be fixed in the next patch!

If you “Save recording” on a map (whether campaign, custom or online) the next time you opt to Defend that map you can choose to defend against a “Scripted” mission, and your recording will be one of the scripted attacks available.

That’s different to “Post Challenge” which (in the next patch) will make your recording available for others to see and play against - again, appearing in the “Scripted” missions list.

it’s a dumb error, but if you look in \my documents\my games\gratuiotus tank battles\web\challenges, then find the challenge folder, open up the ‘recordings’ fodler and rename the .ini files to .txt, you should be able to fight against them…