Online features

So it seems there’s no indication at all of online actions happening.
I added someone, and at some unknown point, they accepted the invite. I only know about this because I idly clicked on the User Profile page to see what medals were there.

Online messaging - in the text box, if you hit ‘return’, the cursor vanishes… input is focused somewhere else.
It doesn’t insert a newline.

On the plus side, it doesn’t click the “send message” button, but still… Messages like paragraphs.

It’d be really nice to be able to compare attack/defend scores by map as well.
The comparison stats at the moment aren’t inspiring - most of it being static (name/image). The only real comparison is xp, and that’s a tiny number that doesn’t deserve the whole operation. [IMHO of course] (oh good grief… chrome actually has IMHO in its spellchecker!)

This is an area of the game I definitely want to improve and expand upon, once other bugs are addressed.