Online Matches

So, just wondering. Has anyone been able to post a map online/downloaded a map yet?

I have not been able to.

Really? there are definitely posted challenges. What errors are you seeing?

I only see one, with the name ‘Lets try’ and, as I previously reported, trying to play it (by selecting it and hitting ‘Defend!’) gives the error ‘Missing scenario file:.\src\SIM_Scenario.cpp 185’ and then crashes the game to desktop.

Ditto. Only one thing visible.

That’s the same situtaion i’m getting. The message system works (as Gunny can attest!), although attempting to compare to other profiles causes a crash

I don’t get an error when going to the online battle browser but it only shows 1 challenge ID 10033 Name Lets Try Recipient All. When I select it Username Commander Regiment are blank Rank Captain XP 0. Victory points limit 700.00 Duration of battle 450000.00 As/s 31 Ds/s 15. When I click defend I get “Missing scenario file:.\src\SIM_Scenario.cpp 185”.

Ye, having the exact same issues as everybody else here.

Same as all above

Same here.

I’m chompin at the bit for some online action too.

Since the 1.002 patch came out I can now see Online battles being posted. I see IDs 10033 to 10036. I did have to use and change the day back a day because I was playing after midnight.

Is anyone still experiencing this issue? I cannot replicate it, and I suspect it has been fixed in patch 1.002.

It’s been working fine for me since 1.002, so that did indeed seem to fix it here at least.

Same Here! :slight_smile:

Yeah since 1.002 I can see all kinds of maps released for others to play. However there are still bugs which make some of the maps crash your game because it seems that the game doesn’t download all required bits with the maps.

But that’s besides the point of this topic.