Only 3 turns?

i think someone said this already but i only got 3 turns on the demo. im thinking of buying it but i wanna see more things to do… i think it might be a bug.

Uninstall, re-download and reinstall the new copy?

It should last a little while.

The matter has already been brought up in this thread.

I’ve downloaded the demo a few times now yet the problem persists. 3 turns, followed by the “Will you band have made it?” spiel. Something no one else has mentioned that I am experiencing, if I then return to the main menu and then try and start a new game it crashes due to a runtime error.

Runtime error - I’m getting that too after trying to start a new game after the ‘3 turns then ends’ routine with the demo.

I’ve updated my NVIDIA driver, Spybotted, Adawared, updated Zone Alarm, changed the disply to 16 bit, and uninstalled and reinstalled countless times.

What else can I do?! I really enjoyed the original Kudos game and I know this one will be really great if I could only play it!!! (Was also hoping to impress my grand daughter this weekend with the game - maybe my ego’s getting in the way.)

Curly :confused:

Eeek, I just reproduced this. I#ll find out whats wrong and fix it immediately.

fixed: … =4250#4250