only democracy?


I do realize the name of the game, but is it restricted to only having democratic policies, or can I for example turn a country into a military authoritarian?


You cannot scrap elections or interfere with the electoral process, but you can spend a lot more on the military, put armed police on every street corner and introduce curfews and the death penalty, if you like that sort of thing :smiley:


Cliffski I understand that it’s democracy but I do have a comment. All democracys aren’t fair or fully free liberal democracies. Some are corrupt some are one party etc. that being the case couldn’t thier be something like a restriction on freedom of speech, propoganda, patriot week, hate week, gov. take over of media, military marches, sercet police? All with thier own effect on the election? I understand thiers no disbanding parlinment or congress but can’t you do something along totalitarian lines to give the game another dimenision? Heres an example of how it could work.
The leader takes away freedom of speech and protest so insugrency groups start terrorism. In reponse the leader sends troops to kill the insugrency, takes over the media to spin the situation and then kills all the rebel leaders with the new public trail and public execution options. I can think of hours of fun with just that alone.


While you can’t create a dictatorship, you could mod the term length to be 999999 so that you would stay in power without the need for elections. You should however buff the power of Pressure Groups, allowing them to more easily topple dictatorships. Dictatorships don’t have to deal with elections, but they do need to respond to the wishes of the people (or get some awesome security guards), otherwise the people will shoot them in the back with a high-tech sniper rifle.