Ooh looks its cliffski

Nice interview on rock paper shotgun

A puzzle game! I want to play! :smiley: Do it in Flash, maybe?

There’s a game on the PS2 called “Dog’s Life” where someone is dognapping animals and you, as a dog, take it upon yourself to find out why. Abilities include smell-o-vision (following scent trails), barking at other dogs (take command of them) and pooping! While walking around the city I often imagine a sim-pigeon game where you find crumbs and poop on designated targets with game extras like extra points if the target is moving. You could work your way up to flocks and carpet-bombing hotdog stands. There’s a game out now called “Wolf Quest” (or similar) where you live life as a wolf in the wild.

You wouldn’t be willing to share this idea with me for help, would you? :wink:

  • Mike

It’s funny, I was thinking about the traffic lights idea again a lot recently.