Oooh...fortune cookies?

[size=75][color=brown]I was looking at all of the files and such in my Kudos folder, and I noticed a text document called “fortunes”.

What is this? Am I missing something, because I’ve never gotten a fortune cookie! :wink:

I do see a cookie in the bottom left corner when I go to a Chinese restaurant, though…?

And I’ve also just noticed an Excel document with male forenames…what is the difference between working class and upper class?[/size]

you meet upper class people when you have very high culture.
hover your mouse over the fortune cookie.

[color=brown]Oh, really? Wow, now I feel really dumb. :smiley:

Is it possible to add names to the Excel document?[/size]

yup no problem, add as many as you like. the problem is they all have the same frequency. thats why I didn’t add hundreds of obscure ones.