OP pills needs nerfing.

i find that sometimes pills are a bit OP after upgrading them a lot, so i was thinking “what if they were nerfed in some way? like maybe add 50% side effect strength buff cause its really early game?”
I really would like it if the main team thought about this idea because its the first maker and since the creamer is usually you’re second it should be superior right?
i know that still means that things with no side effects would still be op but that’s just an idea; some other type of nerf would work to though.
Anyways that is my thoughts on the need for nerfing pills.
Thanks for reading see you later everybody! -JellieDelly

I think that’s well balanced…
Creamer IS superior, if you think of it, you need 4 upgrade to make pills work better than the creamer. It’s 15 upgrade points, it’s a lot to gain an advantage expecially early game… and even at that point, a cure with side effet will always need cremers to get a good rating, and rating become more important the more upgraded is the cure because 5% overall bonus is a lot more then the flat 2-5 $ that pills give u over the use of creamer.
In early game u spam pill printers because u have no choice, but ones u unlock the creamer, they become immidiatly obsolete until some heavy resarch…
And in late game, like the other makers, they are still preferable in few cases, in this particular case when u have a single cure at max effect with no side effects or if you have problems to fit the tremendous space that satchet or siringe maker take in the assembly line…
Pills occupy a delicate place: the first, cheap, low footprint maker that with a resonable effort become still useful also in late game.
I think that they’re fine as they are.

Pill printers are pretty well balanced IMHO. They are very efficient when you have drugs without side effects, but they don’t enhance the drug. For low level cures, the added bonus from upgrading the pill printer is nice, but the drug value of higher level cures outclasses that bonus. Pills with side effects will lower the drug rating, making you less money in the long run, even when the pill printer is upgraded.
For cures with side effects, the creamer is much more efficient. It is almost always more lucrative to make a cream with weakened side effects than to go through the trouble of removing/avoiding (or accepting) the side effects and making a pill.

One has to choose between Multimixer (Analyzer is viable at tier 2 cures now) and Creamer, though, so Creamer is not OP.