Open NOW for pre-orders and beta access

Ok it is READY for public consumption…you can now get access to the beta build of GSB2 if you pre-order the game (only in English, only PC for now) from here:

Usual disclaimers about buggy betas apply, but it should be ‘pretty stable’. Looking forward to hearing peoples opinions. You get a steam key with your copy, but they wont actually be active yet.

I purchased GSB2 via BMT Micro as soon as the link was available. The usual, smooth-as-silk BMT sort of transaction ensued. No hiccups there.

Good fast download as well. Better get the game while it’s early today – all the internet backbones are going to get real tired moving millions of these GSB2 installer downloads along, ya know! :wink:

Cliff, once you accrue a “Scrooge McDuck”-status, gigantic mountain of gold from game sales of GSB1’s sequel, is that when you make your move --purchasing some “modest” beachfront property, such as Oahu or Sardinia or the Azores, and become a modern-day Bond villain? I mean, you clearly already have all of the Sledgehammer Pulse Lasers needed to defend such a place, let alone an entire star-legion of Kraugerisk warships to impose your will upon The World™. :wink:

OK now all I need is solid, actual, unencumbered free time to play the pre-release beta. [-shakes a fist at the clock on the wall-]. Where’s those spare milliseconds I’ve been saving for a rainy day?

Humor aside, Cliff, in all seriousness GSB2 is the game that I have most eagerly anticipated the new arrival of ever since GSB1 first appeared. I’m not the sort of person who has several hundred games gathering dust, owning them only because they briefly looked interesting and then the bloom faded from the rose a few days later. I can truthfully claim that the original game kept me going for just short of 5-1/2 continuous years as of today. That’s one hell of a record for replay value. I greatly enjoy modding, too, and I have high hopes that the sequel game will allow me to put all sorts of careful, nefarious plans into motion. Never a dull moment in this gratuitous continuum/series of space games.

Thank you for so much fun over the years, and the promise of much more into the future with this sequel! :smiley:

Purchased, downloaded and played from one end of the campaign to the other. I will post my impressions separately. Just to say that I have been looking forward to this for some time - as have my sons. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. There’s a very happy family here who have hugely enjoyed your work.

Thanks :smiley:

Very keen but I paused at the mention of Steam. When released, can you confirm that using Steam is an option rather than compulsory…


Ordered and played from end to end.

Is there somewhere that has what the current version is? I have the “default fighter does not exist” error and am unable to play, but the new version should fix that…

P.S. I ordered it partly because I had the previous one and partly because the Reddit page was so full of hate and rage, I didn’t want “the internet trolls” to stop you getting paid for something that is pretty darn good!

Wait, really? Would you mind linking to it? I haven’t been able to find the particular subreddit.


I have reasons for wanting to see that, as well. :frowning:

I can assure everyone that nothing remotely like mindless mass or individual venom is going to happen on the official Positech GSB2 forums.
Folks are free to politely disagree with each other - it’s part of how rational discussions roll - but the moderation team will never stand for anarchy, mob fury or “lone gunman”-originating hate-spewing on this site.
That’s a promise. :slight_smile:

yes entirely optional!

I’ve read that a Mac port of the game is planned, and that is what I am most interested in. If I purchase the game now, will that entitle me to the Mac version if and when it is available, or would that need to be a separate purchase? Also, is the Mac version a sure thing, or just “planned” at this point?

(I do have a Bootcamp partition so the lack of a Mac version won’t necessarily stop me from purchasing, but it is a lot nicer to have apps native to the OS X environment of course, so that’s the version I am primarily hoping for, and I wouldn’t want to have to pay twice just to get the version that I want.)

Hi we definitely plan a mac version, and that it will be all platforms for one price. It looks possible right now that the mac version may be a bit later than the PC one, but it will get done eventually!

I have two questions and and a request.

First, i see the game doesn’t provide steam key now and will be available via GOG. Does that mean i will be able to enjoy it fully without Steam? Is there anything planned to be reliant on steam, like the multiplayer?

Second, is (or will be) multiplayer pretty much the same as in GSB1? Or something changed?

Couldn’t find either question in FAQ so had to ask here.

Also, could you please allow registration from When i bought GSB1, it didn’t have a problem with my email.

Hi, GSB2 uses steam workshop (optionally) but it is not required. The GoG build is entirely DRM free, and you wont need to ever have a steam account or have steam installed.
The challenge system for online play is quite similar to GSB1, although we plan on adding future features to support clans and friends given time and enthusiasm from players :smiley:

Great news, going to buy it, then. I just hope that thing with steam workshop won’t mean problems for normal players when using mods, but oh well.