Opening the data/bitmaps/bitmaps.pak file?

I’ve been looking at the bitmaps.pak file, and it looks like a big appended file with a lot of pictures just put beneath each other. However, I can’t yet really figure out how to read/expand/utilize the file.

Is there any official or unofficial way to open this file? I have no ill intent (in fact, if I had, I probably wouldn’t have posted this and would just kept on hacking) and it’s purely for modding interests.

Sorry, but clifffski (GSB2’s developer) has not yet made that functionality accessible to potential modders. It’s going to happen, though. Patience. :slight_smile:

Of course, Astro, I am merely enthaused by the possibilities, but I totally understand where good old Cliff’s priorities are now.

Coming soon. In the meantime…