Opinion: like GSB1, it is too easy to earn too much honour

Hi Cliff (or anyone else being involved :-D),

as much as I enjoyed GSB1 from the gratuitousness point of view, one of the things I did not like was that it was much too easy to earn some honour to get all the races/hulls/equipment.
Now, I played GSB1 a lot and played through the GSB2 tutorial maps and earned some honour to buy a very few much needed things (I still had 4k honour left after that) and found that huuuuuge battle at map3 (Yamaxxia Prime) and was delighted (I love huge battles). I did a very straightforward and naive first attempt and wanted to see how much my knowledge from GSB1 helps in GSB2 and expected a short battle with my cumbersome fleet (Mission cost: <27k) being stomped into the ground.
Well… that was the expectation. Actual result: Two of my ships got really slight scratches in the armor, which were repaired immediately, one ship lost its shield which I still don’t know how, it was very quick, no losses at all. And a whopping 68k Honour flood into my account, which would buy me half the Equipment research if I really wanted to (has someone crunched some numbers on that how much honour is needed for the total Research?).

Needless to say, I am a bit disappointed. I am very very far from good in this game (I enjoy explosions much more than a perfect fleet)… I feel it should not be this easy to get the needed honour.

Still slightly confused… This victory was not earned, it was a gift.


…just for the lulz, I made the same fleet (though repaired, and with slightly less-naively optimized commands) fight the Hard enemy. Make that another 68k honour… and I even lost two support ships (5% of the fleet’s battle value!)

At least the “lost” battle value from the own fleet could be subtracted from the honour you get…