Opinions wanted on GUI change...

I’m thinking of changing part of the GUI and welcome your views…
positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/2017/1 … i-rethink/

New player here. Yes, making it a single window makes sense to me.

You have the dollar tag on the icon fro the showroom, why not add a spanner icon to the “Car edit” icon?

Or alternatively, have it all in one window would also work.

Weighing it up I’m not sure there’s a benefit to either method at the minute. Yes granted changing a system people are used too will cause some confusion but personally I’d say thats the least of your worries. We’re here to test the game essentially so we should be prepared as early adopters of the game to run with it’s evolution, even if that does mean some confusion.

I get that the two windows does seem a little separate but I don’t think the design window would work in the shape of the Market window. Personally I’d say leave it as it is. For me though thats more on the aesthetics rather than anything.

Sorry for the mild necro. Not sure if you’re still considering this change, since you’ve modified the Models window already, but here’s my two cents.

First off, I do get these two buttons confused pretty regularly and end up just clicking back and forth until I get what I need. So at the very least, a more distinctive icon for the two would be well-received. Perhaps a series of cars (different body styles?) for Models and a parking lot for the Market/Showroom? It’s an idea.

Second, I think the biggest unintuitive bit is that there’s not a very tight implication between the Market Segment and the Model. It’s sort of left to the player to intuit that they’re supposed to increase the price to move a model from Budget to Mid-Range, etc. Having a more obvious way to assign a model to a Segment and have the percentage markup fluctuate as necessary would certainly save you from suddenly not offering a vehicle in a given segment (has happened to me a few times).

This all said, I definitely like the vertical models list as opposed to the horizontal tabs. Much easier to use.