I am doing pretty well and have become a chef but i want to become a tv chef i have all the qualifications needed for the job except that of optimism, I have 52% optimism and I had a book called postive thinking which I have finished reading, I dont have any friends who are optimistic and I have 60% confidence.Can anyone tell me what should i do so that I become more optimistic and how much confident and optimistic I should be to get that job? :slight_smile:

Do your friends have any friends that are optimistic? If so, start hanging out with them, and your optimism will increase. Eventually, they will want to become your friend.

If not, I’m not sure which activities increase optimism…if there are any at all!

nope, even the friends of my friends aren’t optimistic:(

After going through the data files, it looks like the only non-friend related options to increase confidence are going to the dentist shudder or doing either type of crossword. The normal ones and cryptic crosswords both increase confidence slightly.

To get a crossword, I believe you need to subscribe to the newspaper, which must be purchased while you’re out shopping.

Hope this helps

Friends of friends SEEM to have attributes randomly assigned as I saw no correlation. Therefore it’s going to be down to chance to have optimistic friends, or friends of friends. Checking the game files is doesn’t seem optimism is any less likely than the majority of other traits (frequency of 0.1, as most of the 18 traits have). I’d have to conclude that it’s just bad luck. You’ll just have to cycle through friends until you find some optimists :slight_smile:

Wayno, a perpetual realist

A quick scan of the data files suggests that optimism is a little hard to come by and appears only in the following situations:

Going out with Optimistic friends

Reading Books:
“Understanding NPL”
“Thinking Positive”

Watching Movies:
Any Romance Film
“Bletchley Pork”
“Class Action”
“Everest or bust”
“Go Gondola Go!”
“Bonjour Yvette!”

Having a sales job, and having “good sales”
Being a Human Rights lawyer, and be “Going Well” or having “Great progress on the case!”
Being a musician, and having a “Sold Out Gig!”

Social Events:
Winning a bowling match

Skill Based:
Arresting a mugger

The Jobs/Social Events/Skill Based optimism events also have their opposites where you will lose optimism (eg. being successfully mugged)

Obviously you’ve only got so much control over these events and some are completely random, mutually exclusive or going to be annoying to check for (eg. going to the movies every day to look for one of those listed), and I think ALL will degrade over time. Friends are going to be the easiest way to increase optimism and KEEP it high.

Wayno, wishing you neutral luck