Option to remove a car from the line

I’ve had a car stuck at QC because “Fit Controls” wasn’t done due to a routing error.

Would be nice if you could scrap the car without removing the QC station.

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I support this. Just make it is not instant, but some time penalty occurs.

I had a car that somehow missed the Fit Wheels even on a basic factory after a restart, seems like the game’s memory is amiss as why would it even be able to get past the process that fits them, I mean, to be fair, who buys a car whithout wheels?!? Sure I’ll just bring my own wheels to a showroom, the level of aptitude in the factory must be in single figures for that sort of error to not be checked out. And from a basic restart factory, such errors are to me a mickey take, it would beggar belief for that to be allowed in any capacity, bearing in mind there’s no hint of quality control yet, let alone the advanced options to fix them, from the guide style factory that happened to me, it makes no sense, especially when no enhancements have happened yet.

There should always be a manual fix option of some capacity, even if that means the line shuts down while it’s rectified, which given the alpha state, said option doesn’t exist yet. Seems like whenever I give the game another chance it tries to ensure that I don’t keep making the same mistake. Even in a car factory before the technological updates occurred, people still ensured that cars worked, long before technology and automation existed, yet the game doesn’t allow something that someone from the 1960s was able to handle, let alone a more up-to-date setting. In any factory that such errors occurred, I’m pretty sure the staff in question would be penalised first before given the boot with a good riddance for good measure, let alone the transportation folks moving it when there’s no chance of loading the thing, then for it to be accepted at a showroom in such a state is mind blowing.

Simple fact, such obvious errors should never be possible, especially when there are humans present to raise the alarm (which you can see standing all over parts of the factory), yet no one thinks visual errors are anything to be concerned about. Things like this should never happen, even much older factories had processes for handling such discrepancies, yet there are no options available to do anything useful until you get smart junctions AND rework, because one without the other is practically useless. There should be a manual check at the very least and an earlier; if not as efficient; rework. That should be available from the get go! (Bearing inmind if you have a quality check after sequences of production, such as Fit Body etc. it doesn’t work anyway and actually breaks the process entirely until it’s removed, meaning stupid errors like lacking wheels, trunk, hood, roof, etc. are forced to wait until the very end of the process regardless, and when you view the exclamations you see in the showroom, you very often see my earlier list of faults even though the game won’t allow you to fix them even with the rework process as I’ve found repeatedly).

Also the Research Queue is incredibly small, would be good to be able to see the list in a bigger format which would make it easier to manage. A drag and drop feature in it would be useful once it’s large enough to view properly.