Order Diversity?

I think the Order are a pretty great species so far, but I’ve had difficulty diversifying with their designs - ultimately most of them end up being slow, heavily protected long-range ships. I use the Crusader Cruiser and Spirit Frigate as fast-attack, close range ships given their low speed penalties.

I use the Temple as my mainline long-range cruiser, with the Priest going purely long range with an EMP beam and the Trinity as a carrier and anti-fighter platform with limpets and defence lasers.

Has anyone discovered unique uses for certain cruisers? I find mine tend to just clump up in a line and blast away.

You have to make some difficult concessions with their hulls, the airforce in particular. They certainly aren’t tribe-easy. I dig the asymmetric designs, although I’m a bit leery about all the speed decreases - you won’t catch me using the Priest very often.

The weapons are mostly sidegrades as well, although the nuke launcher looks to be wholly inferior to the fast missile system by the initial math.