Order suggestions I would like to see

Hello all,

Bought the game from Stardock.

I have 2 new orders I would like to see.

Wait - It simply makes your fleet wait xxx seconds before it starts to move. This would allow fighters to soften up the enemy before you drive in your other fleet. Of course they would still react if fired on or if ships were in range.

Target Only - This would let you target ships that have shields, or where the shields have failed. Options would be, Shields only, armour only, no armour, no shields, shields & armour etc. So you could have a flank of shield breakers that that wouldn’t sit there and waste their time on a ship once the shield was down. If there were no enemy with the conditions that were targeted they would simply ignore that rule and start blasting away.

I would also like to see a “Station” type mode, where your ship doesn’t need engines (and doesn’t show them operating). I know you can do this now, but the engines move and some orders wait until you move closer.

I would like to see a free for all mode where race doesn’t matter and you can equip from any ship in your list.

Thank you


Add to that.Overwatch.

Ships with Overwatch orders move about the fleet defending as needed. They attack incoming fighters and missles as they move about the fleet. Ships swarmed by fighters are first pirorty. Ships swarmwd by missles second,

I’d like to be able to rotate my ships in deployment mode so that I can determine their initial heading. Even increments of 45 degrees would be fine with me. Don’t know if anyone else has suggested that yet

I’d like to strongly second and endorse TFM’s suggestion for orders that let you specify to target shields or armor and move on when those are down. This would enable you to really make use of shield buster or armor piercing frigates to soften up the enemy and focus on what they do best.