Organised crime

I am wondering if you could maybe re-think about how narcotics act with organized crime. I know a lot of police officers who beleave that legalizing drugs would lead to less organized crime. And more government income.

It does decrease organised crime but increases regular crime. This seems pretty logical as people steal to feed their habit. Recent studies in Portugal have shown that decriminalising possession actually led to reduced consumption so that might be something that can be introduced. As to the revenue, it’s idealistic to believe it would be a big earner in anything but the very long term. Taxing it would lead to a black market and the costs of regulating and protecting the production, supply chains and distribution would likely be very high. On the plus side, it would likely reduce alcohol consumption and anti-social behaviour. Stoners are easier to deal with than drunks.

Ha! That’s a good point (that legalizing drugs might reduce antisocial behavior). I think you could easily legalize and tax cannabis. I’m sure there is a big chunk of cannabis users who would leap at the opportunity to purchase from a legal source, mostly because that way they would know exactly what they were getting for their money. Taxing legalized drugs is something that I am considering adding as an option to the game.

If that were true there would be no dodgy dvds, cigarettes or booze. Taxation to a high level will inevitably contribute to a black market. While there are many who will go the legitimate route to ensure safety,the less wealthy and the reckless will be attracted to the black market. You also have to consider the reaction of organised crime to legal distribution. Large scale growing would be a prime target for thefts, supply trucks would be a good target for hijacking and distributors would be a target for robbery. They are unlikely to want more competition, particularly from legal sources and the robberies would ensure a supply for their black market. Of course in the long term this would likely be eliminated. Think of the mob with alcohol, even after prohibition was lifted.

EDIT: Just so I’m clear, I believe it would be beneficial int he long run but the benefits would not be as major as people think. Also it would likely increase health. Medicinal use and less alcohol related injuries/illnesses

Oh I agree a black market will always exist where there is taxation, and it would be worse in this case because there already exists a large criminal network based around the product, but I think in the long term, this would greatly diminish. Alcohol on the UK is heavily taxed but the vast majority of it is not sold on the black market, but legitimately.

The alcohol black market is supplied by stolen goods because it is harder to make and people go for brands. Cigarettes are smuggled for a similar reason. Marijuana, on the other hand is easy to manufacture, conceal and transport. I suppose it could be put down to the fact that alcohol and cigarettes have such established markets. Maybe an extended implementation delay would be suitable for cannabis.

Oh you could grow your own drugs, but its a lot of hassle. If you have a garden, you can grow your own tomatoes, but most people can’t be bothered, and if the product is affordable and available, they are more likely to pick up cannabis from the local store than go to the trouble of growing it surely?

Another element of leagalised drugs i saw on the Drugs Inc documentary on discovery, is in switzerland (and a few other EU states) they have a government run herion addiction program where you get free medicinal quality injections a few times a day. it reduced crime and health related costs signifincantly. … dicts.html

also, the UK tried it (i had no idea until just now when trying to find a reference to the above) … 60,00.html

on the organised crime front, i definatley think their should be more policies to enact, such as under cover programs and the like.