Organized crime

To start, this may be something of a double post, I remember writing up a post similar to this one, but can’t find it. Regardless, this one should have more content.

I feel this is one issue that could use some more depth in game:

I find it odd that there is only an output to crime, but not an input from crime. Generally speaking, I would expect “background” crime to make it more difficult to focus on the high profile “bosses”. If police are out gathering evidence to build a case, and some crime is committed right in front of them, I expect they would respond to the thing in front of them. I had thought that a two way input stream might mess up the game’s math, but internet crime already has a two way input with crime.

There also should be inputs that reflect people’s debts being taken advantage of, that organized crime builds its base by “doing favors” for “people in trouble”, then collecting later. Mainly, I would add a link from poverty, as well as have some public programs decrease organized crime. They can’t strong arm someone over hospital bills if the hospitals don’t charge people.