Original Four Challenge (O4C)

Way back in the mists of time, there were just four factions. Here’s an SAC-style challenge for anyone who enjoys using the startup GSB races with no DLC, or newcomers who don’t have all the extra factions.

The rules are the same as SAC: Find the latest 3 O4C challenges listed here, beat them with the same fleet, then post it up as the new O4C.

The only fleets eligible for this challenge are Federation, Rebels, Alliance and Imperials.

The map is 0-O4C (The zero at the start is to make it a little easier to find the map)

Budget is 40,000
Pilots 150

Supply limits are set to zero for all DLC modules.

Once you beat three challenges, post your challenge as O4C-(number) (description). Remember to uncheck all the DLC boxes when you post so that anyone can play the challenge.

And make sure to post it here as well, with the ID number.

The first one is up:

O4C-1, Rebel Sabre Squadron

ok. I’ve put the second one up.
O4C-2 Alliance Plasma Squadron

O4C-3 posted, Imperial Math Corps

Ref 4687584

O4C-4 is up. Federation Warp Squadron.

Hopefully some more people try this Original Four Challenge out as its fun.

O4C-5 Rebel Retailiation Squadron. 4694304

Similar to 4, but just works better with Rebels due to quicker ship and cheaper hull. Beats other 4 challenges comfortably.

04C-6 beats 1 to 5 is up

Thank you for making this challenge up, nice idea (04C)

O4C-7 up


O4C-8 Alliance Invasion Fleet. Beats 1-7

O4C-9 is up, Alliance ‘cottonmouth’ and ‘diamondback’ cruisers. Beats 1-8.


Good to see more people getting in :slight_smile:

O4C-10 up


Once i fix a bug that prevents me from saving hulls i’ll be giving this a try

Cool man, get 'er fixed!

O4C-11 is up, beats 7-10 but can’t handle zGeneral’s decoy fleet #6.

Ref 4697468

O4C-12 up


How come so little activities?

I honestly haven’t had the time to play for a while. I’m in the run-up to finals atm. or rather, i’m writing a 10 page paper every day until monday :stuck_out_tongue:
Then. THEN i’ll have time for GSB and LoL and Borderlands and… you get the picture

*** deleted ***
See following posts.

shows that you are using a custom component.

Your version of Fed Fighter Laser is modded, perhaps among others.

Yup this means Kemp’s mod cannot be used online. You need to original universal fighter laser non modded to work.

Yes, this comes from RVM mod. I forgot about it and didn’t notice during gameplay, as the only thing it changes is the internal name, not the module characteristics itself.

I’ve posted what i think to be a potential solution on the thread, waiting for Kemp’s approval.

Meanwhile, i’m going to delete the challene. I’ll repost it if Kemp’s approve my solution.

O4C 13 back up, 4712274.

Hopefully the solution works. Let me now if it still doesn’t.

edit : already a couple of attempts, so it appears it does work.

Worked for me (using standard modules on my end). I spammed you with tutorial fighters and won quite nicely. I didn’t post it up though because that’s about the most boring victory ever. No orders or anything else special.

Great to see that it works.

PS : to post you’d need to beat oac 11, 12 & 13 with the same fleet. Actually it would be quite… funny … if that did work.