Orion Ambush

devilliqn 9944071 federation
GIZMO 2478260 federation
Anyone know what happened there?

LOL and look at this one…

devilliqn 56135953 federation

Yeah… I’d like to believe those scores were honestly gotten. If they had a good game and ran it for a week, they COULD get scores in the 9m range i’d suspect. A 56m though?

Sadly, unless these scores were obtained after Cliff’s memory leak fix (and it’s actually enough), you can’t run the survival missions for half a day, let alone a whole week. Obviously. . .

Well, I’m a hair away from being able to run my Alliance fleet through a full two or three cycles with no damage, at which point I might be able to last for a lot more.

I haven’t bothered with precise verification, but it looks like each wave will come sooner each cycle; that is, in the first cycle the next wave will come when you’ve whittled the enemy down to 1 cruiser, in the second cycle you’ll get a new wave when there’s two cruisers left on the field, and I haven’t got very far into the third cycle but the map is !@(#* full of ships pretty much constantly.

So, 9 million points? I dunno. Could be legit. Would love to see a post from someone using a recent version of GSB with some hints on how they did it.

At 2 million odd points the Veil Nebula game took close to 24 hours to play through on the fastest speed.

That’s what i based my estimate. (New laptop will be set up to run survival for a week, all the time, starting 2 days after christmas :D)

Yep, I have been very skeptical of how those players amassed such high scores. I have been able to earn approximately +35,600 credits before getting blown out of the universe. I can get through the first 4 waves and still have 5 out of 6 ships. I am using the Federation Panther hull outfitted with 4 plasma weapons, autorepair unit, missile guidance scrambler, 2 point defense weapons, ECM weapon, one cruiser beam laser and a shield booster. Are there cheat codes I do not know about that these players are using?

well moded race and ship and modules and it is achievable… still i can reach only 500 000 after that the game crash…But it proves well as testing weapon area

I was too. Until, Matt the Merciless showed us that pure GSB with no mods or cheating could do more than you think. Now I have not done better than say 50,000 on Orion Ambush, but my 2 million score on Veil is pure GSB. I can’t survive the plasma wave on Orion at about 45,000.

We do know that many of the high scores might have been done with mods or direct manipulation of the system, but there are a few that are genuine.