OSX Crashing On Startup

I got this game on the Humble Indie Bundle a while back, and I have been loving it. This kind of game is perfect for me and I truly wish there were more in this style.

Up until recently, it has been running fantastically. Unfortunately, if I try to run it through steam (which I have been doing) the game icon pops up for a fraction of a second before quitting itself. Neither verifying the file cache nor re-installing seemed to help the issue, so I decided to try and see if the direct link I had been given as part of the Indie Bundle would prove more fruitful. It got as far as the title screen before giving this error:

Ship Hull not found -> Tribe Tranquility Frigate hull:/Development/Positech/GSB/GSB/…/src Code 23rd jan 2010/ SIM_ShipHull.cpp503

It seems odd to have suddenly stopped working, as I didn’t recall seeing it patched since the last time I played, so I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone else had an issue/bring attention to a possible bug (didn’t see a similar issue in the board already). As I said though, it’s been solid as a rock until this point, and I’m not going to fret too much as it hasn’t been that long since this started happening. Still, if anyone has a solution that I haven’t tried, it would be appreciated.

EDIT: Contacted Red Marble Games. Seem to have the problem mostly worked out.

Hey Jopoho,

It’s quite possible that GSB is calling for a Tribe hull (i.e. tranquility frigate) design or otherwise that isn’t there in your user created ship folder. It could also mean that steam pulls files from a different source and there may be two locations in which files are taken but the “wrong” one has the ship hull files in them.

Did redmarble fix your issue?

Did you find a fix for this as i am having the same problem ?
Cheers Laird