Out-of-phase delivery led to half-rate production

I have this setup:

The placement for the four pill creators and packers is in question.

I was somehow able to mess up my belt timings so that half the productivity of these two lines were lost.

I deleted the belts to the packers and pill creators, emptied the pill creators, and restarted the line.

Everything is running at full capacity again.

Any idea what step blocked somewhere to lead to a sustained loss of half the capacity of the line? It had to have oscillated between the two lines, or have had two independent, identical problems in both.


A save-game with the problem in would probably help if you have one.

Sometimes it happens when you place belts. One pill printer will output one before the other, and then they’re both out of sync. I have it happening as well, quite often. To fix, I usually just delete the belts that come out of the pill printers, wait until they’re both ready to output, then pause the game as I put all my belts back into place.

I don’t think I’ve ever had it with pill printers; they should automatically synchronise.
I have had it when using crossing belts though (i.e. for mixers or dual autoclaves) - the solution there is to manually clear the goods off one of the onput lines (no need to delete the belts) until it’s syncrhonised. Or re-lay things out if it’s a permanent problem (had that too).

I’ve almost figured out what causes the desync with crossover belts. About 9 times out of 10 I can lay out my lines so there isn’t the hiccup every so often with them, and when I do end up with the slight delay I can usually fix it with a quick rearrange… If I have the space that is.

I see it as one of the fun quirks to the game now, trying to figure out if your double multimixer line is going to work at 100% efficiency.