[Outdated][Balancing 1.39] Optimized Logistics

Hi again,

i am not sure how close to realistic car production you are aming to get the game.

IF you are planning to make a more realistic game somebody should have a look at the logistic part of the game. To be honest, i am a software developer, working on warehouse manegement systems for 9 years now and had two projects with production line suppliers for car production, so i might be a bit to critic about this :wink:
Compared to the real life, this is fun, but pretty much wrong an inefficient.

My main issue about supplying the production line is currently the “Fit Door Panel Slot”. If you have all technologies applied, it will need 10 units per car as supply with an on site storage of only 16. Car production is meant to be just in time, but this is a bit to much.

My first proposal would be, to create stacks of ressources. At least for small parts like: chips, sensors, Alarm systems etc.

If you would like to be closer to real production lines, you might want to have a look at kanban. Which origins from car production :slight_smile:

If you want to keep stockpiles of things, you can use the “supply stockpile” - Which act like mini warehouses, used to store such items.

Yeah i am aware of those. I have three of them around my fit doorpanel slots (almost one for each ressource), but producing 1 car per minute on a single production line still pushes the logistics to the limit :wink:

I think it works quite well, but yes, when you have lots of upgrades and things, the “local stockpiles” to the production unit sometimes get a bit wrong.

It kind of works, that is not what i am intending. I was just hoping to that the logisics part is a bit more in focus of the game, as it is a major part of car production in real life.
Just pumping a shit-ton of parts near your production line is not really micromanagement or management at all.

Just as an example for replenishing assembly lines from real life:
You have several different slots in the assembly line as it is in the game=> existing.
Each slot has its own needs of parts to complete its step=> existing
Each slot has an on site storage for the next production pieces=> kind of, but like in my example 1.5 steps is not really on site storage

Each required part for the production line has a reorder level which triggers replenishment as soon as the stock level is below (this sould be managable).
A transport is created from the closest storage location to the on site storage (which has a reorder level itself on pallet-base)
(now it depends a little on warehouse layouts, strategies and stuff but that would be to complex)
The transport is processed (Not for a single piece, but e.g. for a box).